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Not all eligible assets are included in the list of eligible assets. For example, non- financial corporations may issue marketable assets that do not have a rating from an external credit assessment institution for the issue, issuer or guarantor. In this case, their eligibility status depends on the credit assessment issued by the. Eligible assets: Download area. Twitter · facebook · linkedin · googleplus; Whatsapp; email. Last updated: Thursday, 29 March (1) Please note that the field names displayed in the user guide refer to the list of eligible marketable assets download files, which are available here . If you wish.

Last updated: Thursday, 29 March Back to eligible assets · Downloads. Query eligible assets. Submit Clear form. Simple search. ISIN code: Other registration number: Advanced search. Asset type: AT01 - Bond, AT02 - Medium- term note, AT03 - (Treasury) bill / commercial paper / certificate of deposit, AT09 - Jumbo. Typically, collateral refers to marketable financial securities, such as bonds, or other types of assets, such as non-marketable assets or cash. The term “eligible asset” is used for assets that are accepted as collateral by the Eurosystem. The eligibility of assets is assessed by the national central banks according to the criteria. 21 Feb In order to be eligible as collateral for Eurosystem credit operations, marketable assets must comply with the eligibility criteria as laid down in the "General framework". Additional temporary measures on collateral eligibility are laid down in the “Temporary framework.

27 Mar The different types of links between security settlement systems (SSSs). 18 Sep A list of eligible securities settlement systems (SSSs) and relevant settlement procedures. As of the implementation date for each class of asset-backed security, loan-by- loan information regarding an ABS's pool of cash flow-generating assets must be provided in order for that ABS to become or remain eligible. Three months after that implementation date, the asset-backed security must have achieved a minimum.


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