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Jnlpservlet source code

Files: GNUmakefile - the makefile to build the servlet - the JNLPDownloadServlet binary - the JarDiff binary - the JNLP API binary src - the directory containing the JNLPDownloadServlet source code Building and Deployment of Servlet: To build and , run gnumake in. 3 Jul Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without. * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: *. * -Redistribution of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this. * list of conditions and the following disclaimer. *. * -Redistribution in binary form must. JnlpDownloadServlet is a servlet that simplifies the process of deploying Java Web Start applications on a web server as well as providing enhanced functionality. JnlpDownloadServlet is available in the sample/jnlp/servlet directory of the JDK, both as compiled JAR files and as source code. In the simplest case of JNLP.

adResponse - A class used to encapsulate a file response, and factory methods to create some common types. webstart-jnlp- servlet beta-6 · beta-5 · beta-4 · beta webstart-jnlp-servlet _ea_b · _ea_b Model - This abstract class. This page provides Java source code for JNLPServlet. webstart-jnlp-servlet. src. main. java. jnlp. sample. util; servlet. ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; JarDiffHandler. java; DownloadRequest.

26 Sep You can find the download link to the latest "Demos and Samples" listed here: (Search on page for "samples"). You will find , etc. therein: jdk-7u6-windows- :/jdk_06/sample/jnlp/servlet/ Overview. This project uses Git to manage its source code. Instructions on Git use can be found at Web Browser Access. The following is a link to a browsable version of the source repository: https://github. com/mojohaus/webstart/webstart-jnlp-servlet. Anonymous Access. The source can be. 5 Jul Issue Links. backport of. Bug - A problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product. JDK Fedora Linux issue with demo source code license. P3 - Major loss of function. Resolved - A resolution has been taken, and it is awaiting verification by reporter.


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