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Male to female voice changer software

23 Mar Before choosing a voice changer software you might have some questions about it, like: Does this voice In this article we will help you choosing a good voice changer software. Users can also change their voice from male to female and vice versa, but also take on the voice of a robot or an alien. Voice changer software, female voices, feminine, online games, role-playing, gender changing, messenger, skype. Modify your voice in any application that uses a microphone. From girl to alien, the voice options for online video games, avatars and podcasts are limitless.

So I plan to DM my first online game over Skype soon. I'd like some of my male characters to actually sound like Males. I'm looking for a. Change voice to boy, girl, alien, robot in real time; Modify voice in VoIP Skype, Steam, Facebook online call or game chat; Wide range of vocal morphing and voice-over effects. 28 Feb If you're a user of digital editing software Audacity, you already know you can do a ton of cool things. One of the cooler things you can do is changing a guy's voice to sound like a woman's. This is done with pitch control, or autotune, and will like you modify the voice by a number of octaves. I this video, rock.

KVR Forum Topic: 'how to convert male voice to natural female' - Hello everybodyThe google, youtube search has not helped me and I did not find any th. I use to have a voice masking software (not a plugin, it was a standalone executable) that had a pretty convincing female voice as one of the options. Fake Voice is a voice changer software that helps you change your voice to male, female, old, young, teen, hard, robot, shrill, or some one totally new. Just integrate Fake Voice with your IM and do voices with your friends. Last update 29 Mar. | old versions Licence Free OS Support Windows XP, Windows Server


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