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Microsoft inkball windows 7 download

Microsoft inkball windows 7

Hi Steve,. Please check Inkball Download for Windows XP and Windows 7. For XP it directly starts working without any configuration. But for Win7 you should set the compability option. You can also find compability option settings at the related guide. If you experience any problems, please let us know. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 users can download Inkball game which was first introduced with Vista for Windows gamers by Microsoft. Many Windows Vista users like to play the game Inkball on their computers. You can play Inkball game on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows , Windows 7 and even on. There are 6 more classic programs which have also been removed from Windows 7 but most of the people don't notice them. The programs are: 3D Pinball Game; InkBall Game; Hold 'Em Game; Windows Movie Maker; Windows Calendar; ClipBook Viewer. 3D Pinball game is an awesome game and Microsoft removed it.

The windows 7 beta excludes the Vista included game Inkball. Do the x86 and x64 vista versions of the game work on Windows 7 for everyone? I read a blog entry that seemed to indicate that it didn't fo. InkBall is a computer game that is included with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Windows Vista except the Starter and Home Basic editions. It employs the use of a stylus or mouse to draw lines to direct balls into holes of corresponding colors. On Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, a pen tablet was required to play the. 24 Feb Inkball Inkball was a game included with Windows Vista, and you can also play that in Win 7. You can add it to Windows 7 from this page. Press the Download button to save its Zip file. Now extract the folder much the same as before. You could extract the folder to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\InkBall.

2 Jul but thanks for uploading these good ol' microsoft games however:). Reply ·: iconfranz Franz32 Featured By Owner Nov 11, Hobbyist General Artist. Hey dude, thanks for uploading all these old Windows programs. However I can't get this to run under Windows , even in compatibility mode for 7. Microsoft Tinker: Runs as mentioned above by Darrian on Windows 7. Doesn't have any licensing protection. The Tinker Level Editor which is downloadable also runs. - As a bonus, you can run InkBall (the Vista version too) in Windows 7 if you copy to its folder. Be sure to copy its help files as well. 0.


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