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Serge latouche pdf

By Serge Latouche. Last December we published an article about contraction economics - décroissance or 'degrowth'- a topic that has become a major subject of debate, not just within the counter- globalisation movement but in the wider world. The big question is: how should 'degrowth' apply to the South? THE logic of. The globe downshifted, by Serge Latouche. Página 1 de 7 //01/13degrowth subscribe back issues search maps. January Contents. Never give up on that other world. Palestine loses the initiative. Israel: a shift to the left? Palestine abandoned. China breaks the iron rice bowl. Wal- Mart, the. Mar 7, The world downscaled, by Serge Latouche. Página 1 de 5 /12/17growth subscribe back issues search maps. December Contents. Quagmire and nightmare. Russia's robber barons *. 'The Russians forget and accept everything' *. Iraq: the fear of chaos *. Who can resist the.

Most of us who live in the North and the West consume far too much -- too much meat, too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt. We are more likely to put on too much weight than to go hungry. We live in a society that is heading for a crash . We are awar. Latouche, Serge, "Degrowth: A Slogan for a New Ecological Democracy" This interview with Serge Latouche centers on the concept of "degrowth" that Latouche develops in his treatise Petit traité de la décroissance sereine ( translated in English as Farewell to Growth). For the complete Download PDF - KB. Edited by Serge Latouche, Cambridge: Polity Press. pp. € ISBN. 9- In , the world's largest economy returned to growth; the U.S. economy expanded for the first time after the financial and economic turmoil of recent years. In a press release, Barack Obama welcomed the recovery from its “.

Serge Latouche: Constructing the Future, before or after the collapse. We come from a growth society, i.e. a society that is being devoured by a capitalist economy founded on unlimited accumulation. Nonetheless, we are now living in growth societies with no growth, which is one of the worst possible situations. Professor Serge Latouche. Economist, University of Paris. Sustainable Development as a Paradox. The problem with sustainable development is not so much the word “sustainable” (it can even sound rather nice) as that of “ development”. The association is explosive, toxic. To the extent that the “rich countries developed the. Serge Latouche is a retired professor of economics at the University of Paris-Sud and one of the leading theorists of the emerging movement of de-growth economics that has its main roots among French and Italian ecological thinkers ( dcroissance, decrescita). This small book serves as a primer to the central tenets and.


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