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Shrink school rpg english

2 Aug Default RPG Maker game about being shrunk by evil school girls. Shrink High Been a long time since I played an oldschool RPG. I'm sure there are a lot of Eng ver. Shrink High only, requires login to download zip/PyVZHhYN/ Necessary RPG maker files. Syukusho Gakuen known as Shrink 'High in it's English incarnation, is a Japanese game created in RPG Maker VX. The plot revolves around the detective, Chijinda You, investigating the mysterious events and disappearances at Yabaize High School. The game plays itself out like a straight JRPG, where you explore for. Just like old school Mario. Go through the guys.. – Play Addicting Online and Downloadable Games for Free. Play addicting games for free Date Sep 25, AuthorMostFun Games. Size KB. LicenseFreeware. Price: Free. Platform WinXP, Windows CategoryGames - Arcade. Final Fantasy.

Shrink 'High/Syukusho Gakuen - am. Japanese RPG Game - Reduction Research Department · 1 47, 48, 49by tinybrazilian» Sat Jun 20, pm: Replies: Views: Last post by staemme Mon Mar 26, pm. Shrunk at College (Text Adventure) 2/8/18 UPDATE. 3 Nov I've only checked the Prologue, but it seems like a moderate length RPG-like game. Then visit the Forest and then school (If I'm not mistaken) .. great game and thank you very much for the translation it seems like already have more cg than shrink high gaiden XD damn raf you give us the promised cg. 10 Aug A size fetishist's dream come true! This is a big-small spinoff of Shukyusho G* kuen ("Shrink School")!.

the RPG maker VX RTP. after downloading that i just unzipped the file using WinRAR and then did the setup. then i just redownloaded the parts of the game reaptureme was talking about (on page "36") using RPG maker VX RTP. then i put the 3 files into the same folder that i called "shrink School".


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