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PC. Notes On PC. Notes For Microsoft Word · Notes For Microsoft Excel · Notes For Microsoft PowerPoint · Photoshop Notes · Macromedia Flash · Full PC Software Notes. Practical On PC. Full Practical File Of PC. IT. Notes On IT. Full Fundamentals of I.T & O.S Notes · Extra Notes On IT · Unix Notes. Notes On Foundation. 20 Aug BCA 1st Semester - PC PACKAGES LECTURE NOTES Contains Notes of WINDOWS, MS WORD, MS EXCEL and MS POWERPOINT., Study notes for Computers Address Book Calculator Command Prompt Notepad Paint Program Compatibility Wizard Synchronize Tour Windows XP Windows Explorer. What is WINDOWS 95/98? Windows 95/98 is an operating system, an operating system perform two tasks. ▫ Provides interface between user and the computer, ▫ Controls the resources (Parts) of the computer. Advantage of Windows 95/ ▫ Easier to learn and use. ▫ Allows the user to work on multiple applications.

1st Edition: Specially Designed for BCA 1st Year, 1st Semester, Rani Durgawati University. Price: UNIT-IV: Computer Softwares: System Software: System software Versus Application software, Type of system software, Introduction, Types of Operating System Programs, Booting Loader, Diagnostic Tests, Operating system. UNIT-I DOS: Introduction, history & versions of DOS, DOS basics- Physical structure of disk, drive name, FAT, file & directory structure and naming rules, booting process, DOS system files, DOS commands- internal & external, UNIT-II Windows Operating System: Windows concepts, Features, Windows Structure, Desktop. 13 Feb #include int main() { initwindow(, , "First Sample"); outtextxy (,,"My first Graphics Program in Dev C++ "); while (!kbhit()) { delay(); } return 0; }. 4. You can now compile and run programs that use the WinBGIm graphics library, such as this one that opens a small window.

BCA 1st year Notes Click here for other multipal choice questions you see. Click here for One Word Questions & Answer You See. Click here for Descriptive Questions You See. Last year Paper. PC Software Packages [PC]. (See To Click Here). Syllabus of PC Softwre Packages. Click here for Multiple Choice. First Year B. C. A. Examination. April / May – Computer Fundamentals & Programming in 'C'. (BCA - ). Time: 3 Hours]. [Total Marks: Instructions: ( 1) Make and state necessary assumptions. (2) Figures to the right indicate full marks. 1. Answer the following: (any ten). (1) Define Byte. (2) What is bar code?. BCA Notes is a place where a student Can get computer education For Free. Here, a student can find Free And Easy notes of various computer subjects.


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