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This is a list of notable offspring of a deity with a mortal, in mythology and modern fiction. Such entities are sometimes referred to as demigods, although the term " demigod" can also refer to a minor deity, or great mortal hero with god-like valour and skills, who sometimes attains divine status after death. The term demigod or demi-god can refer to a minor deity, a mortal or immortal who is the offspring of a god and a human, or a figure who has attained divine status after death. Contents. [hide]. 1 Etymology; 2 Classical; 3 Modern use; 4 Hinduism; 5 China; 6 See also; 7 References. Etymology[edit]. The English term. The Mythology of Ancient Greece and Rome The myths surrounding the Heroes & Demigods, the sons and daughters of gods from Ancient Greece and Rome. Demigods and Heroes Discover the legends and myths surrounding the children of the Roman and Greek gods and goddesses who are referred to as demigods.

Demigods, or half-bloods, are a race of beings who are half-mortal, half-god. They possess mortal souls and are vulnerable to old age and death; however, their godly blood endows them with special abilities that allow them to achieve feats usually not possible by humans. Demigods are the end. Define demigod: a mythological being with more power than a mortal but less than a god — demigod in a sentence. 5 Sep Demigod's Dominance winterheart inventory , Winterheart race season and Medallion race season prize for the top 20 players at the end of the season. Each item received custom flavour text indicating which final placing the recipient achieved. Was also availabe from the Perandus Flashback.

The word demigod and its synonyms have meant different things over the centuries. Demigods are humans of such a heroic or special nature that they are seen as being partly divine. Basically, a half God. Has more powers than a mortal but less than a full-fledged god. All in theory. Demigod definition, a mythological being who is partly divine and partly human; an inferior deity. See more.


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