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Film just a second thai movie

13 Apr FYI, lagu Just A second ini dijadiin soundtrack MV series JUST A SECOND. Pemainnya? Udah pasti Kao-nya sendiri. Dan yang lebih mengejutkan dan bikin iri adalah Lawan mainnya siapa coba? Yup! Nattasha Nauljam! Itu loh cewe yang jadi Earn di film SUCKSEED. Kayanya kisah cinta mereka. 7 Sep Just one second is a Thai short film from Pepsi. The film stars Jirayu La- ongmanee (Kao) and Nattasha Nauljam (Nat). You might have seen them before from a Thai movie named Suckseed. Just one second is about a high school girl who is involved in a sex scandal and a high school football athlete who. 25 Apr Synopsis Just One Second Thai Movie () Part 1 - In the beginning, thought Filmthailandterbaru Just One Second is a Thai film with a duration of normal as usual. Eh, after watching it on channel Pepsi China, new Filmthailandterbaru know that Just One Second is a short film. No wonder, hand in almost.

25 Aug What I like about Thai movies is that they don't they try to be prude, and that's something that I can say about Just One Second. It's set in high school yet they talk about prostitution and sex as if those are two things you commonly talk about in high school. Maybe in the West it is, but in Asia? Not really. Having managed to attract the attention of fans for play a role as "Ped" in SuckSeed, at Jirayu return to acting with Nattasha Nauljam in Mini Movie " Just a Second". And his next project is being cast in Thai Movie drama romance Seven Something Film directed by Jira Maligool, Adisorn Trisirikasem and Paween. This sometimes gives Thai films an emotional impact that foreign movies lack. Second, Thai cinematographers and art and costume directors can create beautiful images, settings and styles. Many of the younger directors have worked in television advertising and have a strong command of visual language. Third, the sound.

Thai film professionals were interviewed. Their ideas were analyzed to find out what factors contributing to Thai movies widely seen in worldwide markets. Nine foreign audiences the Thai government ( ) (period 2), only Middle-. Eastern .. Second, film distributors, or individual companies, or the owners of the.


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