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AI may conjure images of a sci-fi thriller for some, but the reality is that machine learning has long been a part of our daily lives — and is simply the latest application of technology enabling the use of data to predict activity that can make our lives and businesses more efficient. 5 Mar It’s a claim you’ve probably heard multiple times – “Data is the new oil!”. The concept is usually credited to Clive Humby, the British mathematician who established Tesco’s Clubcard loyalty program. Humby highlighted the fact that, although inherently valuable, data. 4 days ago Data science is more than just feeding data into a computer and then magically harvesting the insight.

26 Feb In order to work well, big data, AI and analytics projects require source data. Here we look at thirty amazing public data sets any company can start using today, for free!. 3 days ago Some experts might say McDonald's, the fast-food burger joint that truly needs no introduction, was behind its competitors in embracing big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance operations, but there are signs the Golden Arches is turning things around and improving business results in the process. 6 Mar Data science can provide the insights marketers need — provided they learn how to make use of it. Shutterstock. This year alone, the U.S. is projected to absorb a shortfall of , data scientists — and that's not even counting the million more analysts and leaders needed to make use of the.

Data Freaks's stories. 12 Mar Big data and its implications are impacting every business from one-person companies to Fortune enterprises. As data collection, analytics and the interpretation of that data become more readily accessible, they will have an impact on every business in several important ways, regardless of what field. Data & Advanced Analytics: High Stakes, High Rewards. February From EY. Summary: Global executives that understand the full value of advanced analytics are making it a core element in their business strategies and using it as a competitive differentiator. That's why they're embedding analytics into all parts of their.


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