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Gta san andreas fast and easy

One pretty easy way is to finish all the challenges in flight school. Once that is done, a Hunter (modeled after the real life Boeing Apache Helicopter) will spawn at your air strip. When you attempt the vigilante missions you'll get $, once you reach level 50 and the amount goes up for every level. 6 Nov Let's face it, San Andreas doesn't have the cashed up missions early on in the game like Vice City did. If you are short of cash for purchasing car. 4 Nov Vehicles - GTA: San Andreas: aAle Picture Admiral It doesn't have a ton of speed, but makes up for that with good handling. A fairly good car for any job. Alpha A.

Start with stamina. Unlike other GTA games, San Andreas' protagonist, Carl “CJ” Johnson has a wide array of stats that can be altered by player's choices. With high stats, missions get significantly easier; with low stats, they can become next to impossible. Start with the easiest and cheapest stat to train, stamina.


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