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LANDSAT 8 satellite sensor is part of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission was successfully launched on February 11, from Space Launch Complex-3, Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and will join LANDSAT 7 satellite in orbit. Watch video of LANDSAT-8 satellite launch. LANDSAT 8 Satellite Sensor ( 15m). LANDSAT 7 satellite is equipped with Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+), the successor of TM. The observation bands are essentially the same seven bands as TM, and the newly added panchromatic band 8, with a high resolution of 15m was added. An instrument malfunction occurred on May 31, , with the . Please note that the minimum order for Landsat 7 satellite imagery is $ USD. Landsat 7 large-area coverage 15m / 30m resolution satellite imagery. Also available: IKONOS 1m satellite imagery, IRS 5m satellite imagery and QuickBird high-resolution satellite imagery.

The Landsat Multispectral Scanner (MSS) was carried on Landsats , and images consist of four spectral bands with 60 meter spatial resolution. The approximate scene size is km north-south by km east-west ( mi by mi). Specific band designations differ from Landsats 1, 2,and 3 to Landsats 4 and 5. Landsat (name indicating Land + Satellite) imagery is available since from six satellites in the Landsat series. These satellites have been a major component of NASA's Earth observation program, with three primary sensors evolving over thirty years: MSS (Multi-spectral Scanner), TM (Thematic Mapper), and ETM+. The Landsat program is the longest-running enterprise for acquisition of satellite imagery of Earth. On July 23, the Earth Resources Technology Satellite was launched. This was eventually renamed to Landsat. The most recent, Landsat 8, was launched on February 11, The instruments on the Landsat satellites.

Feb 17, GloVis data sets include: AST_L1T: ASTER Level 1 Precision Terrain Corrected Registered At-Sensor Radiance V (~15m/pixel) Landsat 8 OLI (Operational Land Imager) and TIRS (Thermal Infrared Sensor) (~30m/pixel) OrbView-3 (older than ) Sentinel-2 TCI (10m/pixel ~MB; 20m/pixel ~5MB). Feb 17, ETM+ added a panchromatic band with 15 m ground resolution (band 8). Landsat-7 continues to capture visible (reflected light) bands in the spectrum of blue, green, red, near-infrared (NIR) and mid-infrared (MIR) with 30m spatial resolution (bands , 7). Landsat-7 also has a thermal infrared channel with. Jun 14, Pansharpened Malibu, 15 m (50 ft) per pixel. Notice the wave texture in the water. Band 9 shows the least, yet it's one of the most interesting features of Landsat 8. It covers a very thin slice of wavelengths: only ± 10 nanometers. Few space- based instruments collect this part of the spectrum, because.


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