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In programming language theory, lazy evaluation, or call-by-need is an evaluation strategy which delays the evaluation of an expression until its value is needed (non-strict evaluation) and which also avoids repeated evaluations ( sharing). The sharing can reduce the running time of certain functions by an exponential factor. 30 Aug Why we are so lazy: Humans have evolved to conserve energy and avoid exertion, says expert. According to one US researcher, human biology may actually make us predisposed to laziness. According to an expert in human physiology at Harvard University, human biology may actually make. This is obvious enough in the wild. When we look at humans in the unnatural environments we've made for ourselves, though, environments which change faster than evolution can keep up with, we find traits such as laziness, as well as aggression, greed, gluttony, lust, jealousy, and pride often maladaptive enough that.

23 Apr During our lives, we go through a process of evolution. We don't see the end of the process in the beginning so we don't understand the need for each of the steps. What is clear, though, is that everything we go through in life seems to us either corrupt or redundant. We're uncomfortable with our character. 11 Sep In other words, a complex series of biological sensors are constantly trying to figure out how you can be more energetically efficient lazy. And for good evolutionary reason: Our ancestors needed to save their calories for chasing down mammoths and running from tigers. We can also thank our half-starved. Curr Biol. Aug 8;16(15):R Social evolution: lazy wasps look to the future. Griffin A(1). Author information: (1)Institute of Evolutionary Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh, King's Buildings, Edinburgh EH9 3JT, UK. [email protected] Female hairy-faced hover wasps forage for the.

10 Jul Giant pandas only eat bamboo, a low-nutrient food they can barely digest. So how can these massive creatures exist on such a terrible diet? By being big ol' sacks of lazy, basically. That's at least the prism from which I view the latest findings on giant panda metabolism researchers published this week in. 3 Apr Schoolchildren as young as eight are showing a growing proficiency in bilingualism, according to a recent poll of UK parents and teachers. The only hitch? They're bilingual in English and "text-speak" – the phonetic or acronymic bites of language such as “L8R” or “LOL.” What's more, this text-speak is. 25 Oct Evolutionary theories of laziness. Our nomadic ancestors had to conserve energy to compete for scarce resources and to fight or flee enemies and predators. Expending effort on anything other than short-term advantage could jeopardize their very survival. In any case, in the absence of conveniences such.


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