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NACA Airfoil M=% P=% T=% . Online search of NACA 4 digit airfoils (aerofoil) in the databases filtering by name , thickness and camber. The NACA airfoils are airfoil shapes for aircraft wings developed by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The shape of the NACA airfoils is described using a series of digits following the word "NACA". The parameters in the numerical code can be entered into equations to precisely generate the.

31 Jan National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics airfoils. During the late s and into the s, the NACA developed a series of thoroughly tested airfoils and devised a numerical designation for each airfoil — a four digit number that represented the airfoil section's critical geometric properties. By The early NACA airfoil series, the 4-digit, 5-digit, and modified 4-/5-digit, were generated using analytical equations that describe the camber (curvature) of the mean-line (geometric centerline) of the airfoil section as well as the section's thickness distribution along the length of the airfoil. Later families, including the 6- Series. 12 Jul A computer program (with source code) for computing the coordinates of any NACA airfoil. The 4-digit, 4-digit modified, 5-digit, 6-series and 6A-series airfoils may be calculated.

12 Jul The first item below is the primary reference for this program. The second and third items are the classic papers by Ladson and Brooks of NASA. The fourth item is the revised program by NASA. The fifth item is the classic text book on the subject of airfoils in general and NACA airfoils in particular. In the beginning of the revival of wind energy as an energy source in the seventies of the last century, NACA airfoils were adopted for wind turbine blades as a result of the availability of two-dimensional aerodynamic characteristics, even for airfoils with a fairly large relative thickness. The NACA four and five-digit series. So you know your wing planform and look for the right airfoil. You need to be more specific with your requirements, and yes, NACA airfoils will most likely not be the best choice. But since there is plenty of literature on them, they are a good start. Please answer those questions first: What is the maximum airfoil thickness you.


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