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Sonic fgx dark super sonic

12 May Credit for the sprites goes to all of the rippers of the original Sonic Advance, 2, and 3 and RaynaHero Replaces Super Super Sonic? Why not over Dark Sonic? dang it i cant get super sonic replacing sprites to work correctly please make darkspine for regular sonic i want darkspine sonic. Reply. 26 Aug Dark Super Shadow comes to FGX! Replaces Super Shadow. Credit goes to SuperShadow for the sprites. Please comment! Dark Super Shadow - Sonic FGX. Featured: Angel Island for Sonic FGX ·:iconsilver · silver 63 Deviations Featured: True Hyper Mephonic- Sonic FGX ·:iconravthehedgehog: · RavTheHedgehog 60 Deviations Featured: Shadow Sprite Idle Anmation ·: iconfalcon-the-echidna: · falcon-the-echidna 34 Deviations Featured: blaze the cat for sonic fgx.

To find out basic actions, see Characters. Sonic FGX contains numerous unlock- able characters, each with their own unique abilitys and playing styles. Below is a list of the characters you can unlock. Once you've done that, Run Sonic FGX and choose the super character to be replaced. -(character name) : Changes the voice for when either a Sonic or Shadow custom uses their Super form. -(character name) : Changes the voice for when a Sonic custom changes to their Dark Super form. Silver (ESP attack move) ("ESP" is also known as one of Silver's abilites, "Psychic Control.") by Hyper-sonicx Picture. Silver (running) by wavedashdoc http://wavedashdoc. Picture. Hyper Sonic (GBA ).

29 May this is dark knuckles you must replace super sonic if you want normal knuckles for replace normal sonic this is the link [link] dark knuckles for sonic FGX.


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