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Best steam server region

North America, Tbps, Tbps. Europe, Gbps, Tbps. Asia, Tbps, Tbps. Russia, Gbps, Gbps. South America, Gbps, Gbps. Oceania, Gbps, Gbps. Middle East, 39 Gbps, Gbps. Africa, Gbps, Gbps. Central America, Gbps, Gbps. +1. 99% of the time you will get the lowest ping and a full speed download if you select a download region that is closest to your country. 3 years ago. Permalink. Comment has been collapsed. poepstinktvies. Not this i was on the netherlands 3 mbps and moved to pakistan 5 mbps so pakistan is the fastest imo. 3 years ago. I don't know if Team Fortress for free is the culprit, but no matter what I can't manage to find a server with an acceptable download speed! Tried China, Singapore, Indonesia and other places I thought would have less traffic, and then Germany, UK.

I suggest changing to Chille or Mexico. It increases my speed 2x. (Not posting). 23 Dec Steam Christmas Sale is upon us and with the added bonus of the whole Christmas giveaway event it is an even bigger load on steam servers to manage, if you are looking for a way to get the most internet Now in settings open the “ Downloads + Cloud” Tab and open “Download Region” dropdown box. There is no best steam server. The whole ' steam ' is built on number of servers and all are good. When you access something on steam, it will download from a server where your requested data is stored. So, I say again, you don't have an option to chose from which server. Although you can only select a particular region.

5 Aug Unforunately there aren't many filipino players. Therefore I can't find any servers. I found on one of the discussion that players will need to change their Download Region in order to join with other players. Amazingly it works. My current Download Regio US - Chicago. So far may games are very good, lag. 11 Nov Play in your region, gtfo. We don't want your lag please.. nah you gtfo, I dont need chinas lag please. china's, and also cause all my killers are from china same with survivor. # Simulation · View Profile View Posts. Nov 11, @ am. If that's your region stay there. It's p2p game who's bright idea. 9 Sep Refering to community threads - it seems like many and many servers are flooded with bots, but I haven't seen a single one on russian server. A week ago I was thinking about changing my download region to get more eng-speaking people, but now I'm seriously afraid of meeting killer bot every single.


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