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9 Sep Hi all, recently joined so bare with me:) I have purchased a correspondence course in noesitherapy. If you are not aware of this treatment, in a. Noesiology & Noesitherapy S. L.. Av. De las Cortes Valencianas, 9 - ROCAFORT. (VALENCIA) SPAIN. TF - 34 96 - Fax - 34 96 Internet - Es propiedad del autor. Impreso en Signo Gráfico - Polígono Industrial nº 3, calle 11, nº Alboraya (Valencia) España. TF. "Healing by thinking," from the Greek NOESIS: (the "action of thinking") and THERAPY: ("healing"). 'Noesitherapy' was the term coined by the Spanish surgeon. Dr. Angel ESCUDERO to name his humanistic school and system of work in the field of Medicine. [email protected]

NOESITHERAPY CENTER Dr. ESCUDERO. TYPES OF COURSES. We impart 3 types of courses: 1-Intensive Noesitherapy Course. 2-Noesitherapy Teachers Formation Course. 3-Noesitherapy Seminary via Video-conference (all around the world). Dr. Angel Escudero is a Spanish physician and surgeon, the founder of a humanistic school within medicine, called “Noesitherapy” or “Healing by thinking” . Since , he performs surgeries with no chemical anesthetic, he helps mothers to deliver babies with no pain and assists patient in their healing process , using. The Powerful Techniques of Noesitherapy. Positive Mind Programming & Hypnosis Induced Instant Pain Control & Relief & How To Use These Powerful Methods.

5 Oct Dr Angel Escudero has performed many operations without any anesthesia other than his self developed Noesitherapy. Last weekend I had the opportunity to learn more about this technique and try it out for myself. We started of by watching a similar video to this. 10 Oct Noesitherapy, from the edited h2g2, the Unconventional Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything. Hi Guys, A pal of mine who's also a hypnotherapist and fellow explorer of consciousness recently went to a seminar to learn a method of psychological anaesthesia. I was a little sceptical as it seemed so easy. It was, but it still works. Here it is. The basic premise is if you have saliva in your mouth you can't have a.


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