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30 Sep Malware that runs on Android cell phones and can let attackers perform remote reconnaissance and virtual theft is the handiwork of academic and military researchers. They call it "visual malware" dubbed PlaceRaider that uses the phone's camera and other sensors to create three. 28 Sep The US Naval Surface Warfare Center has created an Android app that secretly records your environment and reconstructs it as a 3D virtual model for a malicious user to browse. So it’s no surprise that smartphones are increasingly targeted by malware designed to exploit this. 1 Oct PlaceRaider isn't the only app of its kind. The team of researchers also created an app called Soundminer that will listen in on phone conversations that take place over Android. It can also decode the keys users press just by the tones they make – just like something you'd see in a spy movie. So, if you're.

2 Oct U.S. military researchers have created a mobile app that creates 3D maps of a phone's immediate surroundings, possibly allowing spies or criminals to steal personal information and "download" the physical space to prepare for a break-in . Such a troubling scenario comes from the "PlaceRaider" app that. 1 Oct A new Android malware application turns an Android smartphone into a surveillance tool. Known as PlaceRaider, the malware takes photos without the user's. 9 Oct A malware app created by the Naval Warfare Surface Center hijacks smartphone cameras to build a re-creation of the owner's surroundings. An example of how PlaceRaider reconstructs an environment. (Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia). Called PlaceRaider, it takes photographs at random.

12 Oct PlaceRaiders showcases a significant problem with smartphones cameras. The access permissions that PlaceRaider requires are no different than those of a typical "innocent enhanced camera applications," Naval Surface Warfare Center says, so a user could voluntarily install a "safe" application from an. 30 Sep Hugh Pickens writes "Neal Ungerleider writes about PlaceRaider, a trojan that can run in the background of any phone running Android or above, and is hidden in a photography app that gives PlaceRaider the necessary permissions to access the camera and upload images. Once installed. To make this type of attack possible, Place-. Raider makes a number of (weak) assumptions about the target and adversary: • Smartphone permissions. The PlaceRaider App requires several access permissions from the Android operating system, in particular permission to access the camera and to connect to the network.


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