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Rat killer sound

RAT KILLER - RAT KILLER - the electronic cat! Use this application to drive away rats without the use of rat poison dangerous for you and your children. Always carry with you RAT KILLER on your phone and use it when camping, in your garden, your home in the count. Anti Rat Repeller is a professional application which used to make Mice, Rats away from you or your house. Anti Rat Repeller is such a nice app. Anti Rat Repeller uses high frequency sounds in this app. Which can hearing sense of human ears. Anti Rat Repeller is entertainment purpose to make your friends fool . This app. Rats can hear ultrasound: the range of the rat's hearing is around Hz to 80 or 90 kHz (Fay , Kelly and Masterson , Warfield ). There is a whole world of high frequency sound out there that rats can hear that we cannot, a perceptual difference that humans tend to forget (Milligan et al. , Sales et al.

The PestKicker is designed to repel mice, rats, roaches and most crawling insects in spacious areas. It is perfect for warehouses, restaurants, food distributors and other similar large venues suffering from vermin problems. Laboratory research has shown ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervous systems of. It might drive the home owner out of the house. Rats can scream, loudly. But as with any other sonic or electronic device that claims to work to repel rodents I offer this: If there was any device that could be proven effective to deter any pest a. There are sounds that are deterrents to rats, keeping them out of a property without the need for traps or poison. Unfortunately, the actual performance of these repellants is spotty. Some people report excellent results, while others find they do nothing to keep rats at bay. This means there is no guarantee that the device will.


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