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Anderson, Marvin F. and Karen: yb12 , ; w97 10/1 Apesland, Mia: yb12 Bjørnestad, Henry: yb12 Blindheim, Rasmus: jv Bruun, Paul and Grethe: yb12 Djupvik, Hermann and Laila: yb12 Falsnes, Aksel: yb12 Fauskanger, Thomas and Serine: yb12 Feldt, Viktor: yb Bentinclt w er Suppl. ll. p. fg. 4o Aefeulapii вари: corona опадал: cinůum.)C пкднпют. гптн. rox. Serpens bac lum compleflens. Smart navigator. AKG Mikrofonhætter vises her; til produktgruppe Mikrofonhætter; til produktgruppe Tilbehør til mikrofoner; til produktgruppe Mikrofoner; Her er informationer til producenten AKG · AKG Mikrofoner vises detaljeret; Printversion af denne side.

cally ambiguous: (1) Eine hohe Inflationsrate erwartet die ()konomin. a high inflation rate expects the economist. 'The economist expects a high inflation rate.' In this sentence it must be determined which nom- inal phrase is the subject of the verb. The verb er- warren ('to expect') takes, in one reading, a nom- inative NP as its. This paper proposes a method for extracting the correct parts from speech recognition results by using an example-based approach for parsing those results that include several recognition er- rors. Correct parts are extracted using two fac- tors: (1) the semantic distance between the input expression and example. Mc Wider-n e befprenc en undehnt am fie?tage entf ndlgen. und foll fetder wafchenz und chem tvaffer z fo werd er am a1 end rern.1 [Lelcher aber untern fehnwtrdt fich nicbtentfündigen will, den, tll ausgerottet werden, aus der net Mofe hub ferne band aufzunmnenn M., W97,fchlug' (Mofe fo'lte den-fean nrcht ann-zz:ch.

16 Nov USATF / RRTC Course Certi er. AIMS / IAAF Level B Measurer. 15km - USATF Certification TXLAB - Fort Worth, TX. E ective to ( N32 W97 ). W Blu St - 28' E of Yield sign onto Forest Park Dr and 27' E of lamp post in triangle. Mile 1. (N32 W97 ). 50 % O R M O R E B E LO W N O R M A L 10, 20, 1 0 0 % O R M O R E A B O VE N O R M A L o o CD ([]) o 42 " N-- 8 go w 9 go w97 C | R C L E D I A M ET ER I S P R O P O R T | O N A L T O D E PART U R E O N A C O N T I N U O U S S C A LE " I CERT I FY THAT THIS IS AN OF F I C I AL PUBLICAT I ON OF THE NA. i: ©õ(šo| O¿Coff,| 27° N - STI-~\- © 2 5°“, WITTGEFWi o 3° w o sooo5'o O 1” w9 97 w97” w95 o w9 37 w C | R C L E D I A M ET E R | S P R O PO RT | O N A L T O D E PART U R E O N A C O N T I N U O US SCALE “ I CERT I FY THAT T H I S IS AN OF F I C I AL PUBL I CA T I ON OF THE NA T I ON AL OCEAN I C AND.


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