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Witch hunt nooboo mary

Witch Hunt: Nooboo Mary, Pesky peasants beware: an evil witch will do anything to get to the top. 25 Oct NOBSTUDIO. WITCH-HUNT: NOOBOO MARY. start game. credits. how to play. [ How to]. Play. Play More Games [ArmorGames]. play more games. START. let them come! 3. WITCHHUNT ROUND ONE: FIVE PEASANTS. SUMMONING. CURSES. NATURE. SEXY GIRL. TURN TOAD. SWAMP. 11 Sep NooBoo Mary the Witch Queen: At last, I get to be the sexy witch! Keep those pesky mortals from getting too close. Use spells, traps and other nastiness to destroy your many enemies. Free Online Funny Games from AddictingGames.

15 Oct Play Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary – From Since Halloween is coming, I decided to hack a Halloween game! Kill the peasants in all sorts of ways: Devour them with possessed trees. Squish them like bugs with giants. Infect them with the black death plague!. 29 Jan Nooboo Mary: Witch Hunt: Whether you're going for the gingerbread transmutation or the old fashioned stew, you gotta respect the rights of satanic magick users to extend their lives indefinetly by robbing life from the young. If you' re on board with that proposition, you'll like Witchhunt: Nooboo Mary. 5 Feb Play Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary Hacked. You are the evil witch Nooboo Mary who to get her youthful looks back has drank the blood of children and now the kids parents from the local village have come looking for these children so you must use your magic to defend your house from these angry.

You are a witch named Nooboo Mary! You start with 0 souls, and 1 spell, toad, which doesn't use any souls. Every villager you kill gets you 1 soul, and you can spend the souls you have on learning/upgrading spells, or casting a spell during the gam. Free Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary games for everybody! - Peasants beware: this evil witch will do anything to make it to the top.


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