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2mb adsl speed download

2mb adsl speed

Hey, So looking at the main news it looks my line is getting upgraded to 2MB on the 14th:) To those of you who have 2MB, what download speeds do you realis. Nov 30, Default. The adsl speed does not affect latency. So a 2Mb, or a 1Mb line should still be able to get ms - ms. Games do not use much bandwidth, only really when new maps, patches etc are needed. This is total rubbish a 2mb line should defiantly not have an average upload speed of less than 10kb. So either this person is lying or he/she has no internet knowledge or Afrihost is total rip off with their 2 mb lines. I tried my best to settle this matter in email but nothing was resolved. So let settle this: Afirhsot.

When using Skype I had audio and video, but the video would keep freezing. Therefore a friend suggested I increase the speed at our provider. I just changed my service at the provider from 1 MB to 2 MB. What can I expect for Download and Upload speeds? They seem to still be the same as previous with. Jan 19, Telkom might be busy rolling out 20Mbps and 40Mbps VDSL in certain areas, but most of the landline internet users in South Africa still use the older ADSL technology. By design, ADSL is capable of up to, roughly, 24Mbps, but the implementation Telkom has rolled out only allows for a maximum speed of. Solved: I have a 4mb line but am only getting mb/s download since yesterday morning. Even my upload speed is faster! I've logged a fault, -

Do you know what ADSL stands for? Well, the A stands for awesome Ok, technically it stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, but it might as well. In a world that's changing fast, this tried and trusted Telkom classic is still going strong. Safety Over Speed.


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