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Does online gaming use upload or download

Does online gaming use upload or

Online gaming uses very very little bandwidth, what actually matters is ping and jitter. Ping is how fast you can send and receive data to and from the server, and jitter is how much fluctuation your ping has over a period of time. Ideally you want very low ping and no jitter. You can test ping and jitter here. Also I can use about % of that 'ish Kb/s Upload (Youtube UP) and still see no increase or ill effects from doing so. Netlimiter helps so much. uploading would be stuck at using all my upload bandwidth otherwise and then can't play games online. Limit the UP to 70%, game all day while. If you think about in terms of delivery trucks on a highway it might make a little more sense. up/download speed in this scenario is the size of the delivery trucks and ping is essentially the speed limit of the roads they drive on. The bandwidth that you use to play CoD online is essentially just a small package.

The amount of data sent when you're playing an online game usually isn't that large compared to say a movie on Netflix. So download/upload speed doesn't matter that much. But if your ping is high you'll probably notice a difference in the game (although games like Overwatch do have ping compensation). I have to option of getting a service that allows up to 10 Mbps download, but it does 1 mbps upload for sure, but no higher.I hear to have good connection speed for great online gaming, you should also have a really good upload speed. Is the 10 Mbps e. You could argue that NAT type does, as it affects who you can play with. Actually in game, ping. Someone in US and Russia could have the best speeds in the world, and they're still going to have a higher ping and notible lag compared to two people from the same region. Sorry for any mispellings; my phone sucks and I am.

We did this several times until we now have a 14 GB data limit. My parents are now paying double what they were paying with AT&T. Verizon says the online gaming is to blame for the increase in data usage. I play approximately two hours a day of online gaming a day on average. I'm really not even at the house a lot any. More about download upload needed online gaming. Best answer. billg Jun 26, , AM. Most games are in the kbps up and down range. There are a few that can use up to 1m but most are well less. This is only the game traffic itself it will use more if it need to download a patch but it does. game files take up a lot to download in any case before you even go online and start playing so including that games would take up more but you will probably play an online game for If you're using cloud storage, Flickr, or Facebook to and uploading a bunch of photos, that can quickly congest your home connection .


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