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Ivy failed javax.jms#jms 1.1 jms.jar download

Ivy failed javax.jms#jms 1.1 jms.jar

23 Jun For whatever reason, the DefaultMavenRepository has a pom, but not a jar for : This stumps sbt when it tries to download the artifact in that /ivy-failed-to-resolve-dependency-what-to-check-what-to-do. 6 Sep Ensure that the jms jar is not in the ivy cache: problem. With a clean cache sbt will try to resolve from the typesafe repo and fail: [warn] [NOT FOUND ] #jms;! (0ms) [warn] ==== public: tried [warn] https://repo1. Oddly running sbt. eException: download failed: #jms;! download failed: #jmxtools;! download failed: # jmxri;! at ions$.sbt$IvyActions$$resolve(: ). at ions$$anonfun$update$(). at sbt.

26 Feb As I explained in the ticket you opened, what's happening is that Ivy is finding the file in a particular resolver (in this case maven-central) but is unable to find the jar file there. This leads ivy to give up completely on resolution rather than just marking that resolver as bad and moving on. What you. 20 Apr IvyLoggingAdaper - [NOT REQUIRED] #jms;! http://repo1. [ main] DEBUG gingAdaper - tried . I did and tests fail since the gradle build does not copy over non java files for the test. 13 Jan the jars from there into my ivy cache and it works, but can someone tell me what I' m doing wrong Re: [akka-dev] dependency on jms, jmxtools, jmxri, Raymond Roestenburg, 1/14/12 AM. Thanks, it seems to be a . ResolveException: download failed: #jms;! [error] download failed.

2 Nov but when I > re-compile the hadoop this evening, it shows that the ivy cannot resolve the > dependencies, the messages are following: > > [ivy:resolve]:: problems summary:: > [ivy:resolve] WARNINGS > [ivy:resolve] [FAILED ] javax. jms#jms;!: (0ms) > [ivy:resolve] ==== apache-snapshot: tried. 13 Jul {file:/opt/medialets/SymanticManager/scala/stub/}. defaultd5f2/*:update: sbt. ResolveException: download failed: #jms;! [error] download failed: #jmxtools;! [error] download failed: jmx#jmxri;! [error] Total time: 3 s, completed Jul How to config resolvers to find jms/jdmk/jmxtools. Where to find these jars? It seems they are common dependons, why not they are in ibib (download failed : #jms;!, download.


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