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Os x lion time slow

My bite of the apple has been somewhat sour. I tried reformatting the SD card, well knowing that I would lose old backups. But still the backup is extremely slow. Now I can't install Lion or Mountain Lion from scratch without having to wait 10 hours for TM backup or installing tons of applications and settings. 22 Jul My MBA (late ) has gone from a boot time so quick that I couldn't time it to so slow it's depressing. Seriously Apple, Lion is a disappointment in so many areas, but you've really outclassed the f**kup fairy on this one!:mad: Rhodan said: ↑. Try repairing the permissions and clearing out the caches by. 15 Apr Press and hold the ⌘ + ⌥ + P + R keys. You must press this key combination before the gray screen appears. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time. Release the keys. Why could this help? -> Information stored in PRAM includes the startup volume choice.

19 Mar You'll typically get an idea of how long a Time Machine backup should take to complete after it has ran a few times on a Mac, so if you discover suddenly that the Time Machine backup is taking an extremely long time or is backing up unusually slow, follow the troubleshooting steps below to speed things up. Over time, most computers have a tendency to start more slowly as they become clogged up with applications that install various startup processes and more disk space is used up, which over time leads One of the nice options in Mac OS X Lion is the ability to reopen any windows that you had open when logging back in . Just like people Macs are prone to slowing down the older they get, but after recently upgrading to OS X Lion some users are protesting their machines have aged before their time. Since the release of Lion back in July its been subject to a number of criticisms, while some of these may not be justified, it is difficult to ignore.

2 Sep A variety of factors can affect Mac OS X startup time, though there are a few not directly tied to the speed and resources available on your Mac. If you think you are experiencing inordinately boot times, run through the following list of shotgun techniques for a possible speed bump. Check PRAM -- reset, or. My macbook pro 13" takes FOREVER to boot! The most recent time I have for it was 1min specs:Macbook Pro 13" (Newest Version)Core i5 Processor @ GHzrpm GB HDD4GB RAMPretty much ever. 8 Sep It might have something to do with IPV6, this worked for me: http://markandkelley. com/mark//09/fixed-firefoxand-slow-browsing-on-lion/ . Since the upgrade however, start-up times were taking forever, the internal drive was ticking away furiously and a look at the disk usage in the Activity Monitor.


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