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Press Permit. Menu and widgets. Welcome · News · Plugins · Capability Manager · Press Permit Overview · Press Permit Extensions · Business Contact Form · Support Policy · Refund Policy · Screencasts · FAQ · Pricing · Plugin Packages · Plugin Renewals · Pre-Sale Questions · Your Account · Checkout · Forums · API Doc. Press Permit Pro (single-site access). $ An advanced permissions engine for WordPress. Press Permit Pro (3 sites). $ An advanced permissions engine for WordPress. Press Permit Pro (developer access). $ An advanced permissions engine for WordPress. Developer access provides one- click updates. Press Permit dovetails and expands the native WordPress Roles and Capabilities system, allowing you to easily customize access to specific post types, categories / terms, page branches or individual posts/pages. Custom Post Types are fully supported, including bbPress forums and topics. Supplemental access can be.

Installation and updates of pro extensions, supplied directly from presspermit. com, are available for a specified duration after you activate the support key provided with a Press Permit Pro purchase. Single-site, 3-site and developer (25 sites) packages are available. Simply browse to Permissions > Settings > Support, paste. Sep 9, A feature overview of Press Permit 2, and advanced permissions engine for WordPress. These screencasts are both a feature showcase and a step by step how-to. Theme/Plugin/Services advertising, This includes "how to" posts that recommend themes, plugins or services to do things. Consider reddit advertising instead. Promotions, Consider reddit advertising instead. This also includes trying to "sell" us WordPress. We're already using it so there's no point. Hosting.

Sep 21, First, I realize that since I'm almost certain that the Press Permit Pro plugin is causing this issue, the most likely answer I will receive from Enfold support is that I need to contact the plugin author, as this is not Enfold's problem. I understand that. However, I have been trying for six months to get this issue. Press Permit Core === Contributors: kevinB Donate Link: /cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=JWZVFUDLLYQBA Tags: restrict, access, permissions, cms, user, private, category, pages, privacy, capabilities, role, scoper License: GPLv3 Requires at least: Tested up to: Stable tag: . I've isolated a minor (albeit annoying because it's a show stopper) conflict between Press Permit Pro and The Events Calendar and WordPress (Custom Theme). I used Theme and Plugin testing procedure to isolate and confirm that the issue ONLY happens when Press Permit Pro


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