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Ruby script sketchup 8

A smattering of ruby scripts that demostrate what can be done with the Ruby API. Example Ruby Scripts. A smattering of ruby scripts that demostrate what can be done with the Ruby API, as well as instruct aspiring Ruby script authors. The example tools are: Draw->Box; Plugins->Cost; Camera->Animations; Right click on a. SketchUp files. It's also possible to install zipped Ruby files .rbz) from within SketchUp. If your plugin has a standard .zip) extension, then you may be able to change the extension name and follow the instructions below for installation. To install a SketchUp Ruby plugin script with format . I would like to try the ruby examples provided in but it seems like the script doesn't work. First time I am using the Ruby console in Sketchup. So I have some basic questions: how to clear conso.

I had spent a few hours learning some basic ruby syntax, then I dove into the SketchUp Ruby API with the express purpose of being able to pushpull more than one face at a time - a task repeated so regularly in the City Planning office I was working at where I There we have example scripts that go well beyond the basics. The Sketchup module contains a number of important utility methods for use in your Ruby scripts. either “SketchUp Pro” or “SketchUp”. Note: For versions earlier than SketchUp8 M4 (Mac and Windows ) this function will return “Google SketchUp Pro” or “Google SketchUp”. Version: SketchUp Library of Ruby scripts to add useful commands to SketchUp.

11 Mar Re: Call Ruby Script from File. Post by tbd» Fri Mar 11, am. I use Sketchup Bridge and have a shortcut key in my editor that loads the code into Sketchup so I can test ideas quickly. There is a tutorial there on how to setup it with RDE (Ruby editor). I have a version that is cross platform (SU Bridge. Close Google SketchUp if it is currently running. 2. Download the desired Ruby script from the Web page that distributes it. If the script is zipped, unzip it. 3. Navigate to the SketchUp plugins directory in your operating system. For Windows computers, go to C:/Program Files/Google/Google SketchUp 8/Plugins. In Mac OS X. Although you can use any text editor to create a plugin, it might be a good idea to install my Ruby Code Editor plugin into SketchUp first. The RBZ file format was introduced in Maintenance Release 2 of Version 8. It is a good idea to a) use SketchUp's extension system and b) wrap your plugin in a Ruby Module.


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