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Nov 4, He mentioned that he would reach out to the community to try and pinpoint what " classic" or "vanilla" is. My definition is the old gameplay. All the tedious, rewarding grinds. But I'll happily take a graphics update if given the choice as long as the GAME PLAY is intact etc. not past patch Tayseri Starting from the Beta Build from Wow is a bad idea imo for many reasons. A few are: No diminishing returns, you can keep players and mobs feared, sheeped and stunned indefinately. -Entire Zones with out quests -Outright broken talent trees aswell as certain classes not functioning at all and much much. Jan 17, Many people while discussing changes (both made within vanilla and the new ones) forget that beta it a thing. How can one tell from their.

When do you guys think we will see Classic WoW beta invites being given out? The best prediction I've seen of Classic WoW's release date places it in February , or about 14 months from now. Here's a link to the very in-depth release timeline analysis. Nov 4, Excited about all the new features and content coming with Battle for Azeroth? Be sure to be in the front row for all the news by doing the beta opt-in!. beta. In order to get useful and realistic feedback from real users, some software companies deliver pre-release software (a beta or beta trial) to a select number of users to try it out and report bugs, make suggestions, or just give significant customers clear evidence of the state of the product and dispel rumors of vaporware.

Jun 15, Outland as a single zone instead of an expansion, Undercity without the undead, main characters without textures Blizzard's Dave Wilson shared some screenshots on Twitter from the early development years of World of Warcraf. They show a completely different game.


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