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Xbox 360 slim s slow download

Xbox 360 slim s slow

My slim is about 2 years old. It used to run blazing fast, but now it's slow as a snail . I looked up some tips like clearing out some space on the. This issue is something I have been trying to resolve for a while now. I have noticed that my download speeds are really slow up to the point that some large games take all night to download. I first thought it was something with my router but I changed the router a while ago and it has still happened. I got my Xbox slim for Christmas and it worked just fine loaded super fast no problems. .. I think xbox live network is crashed and i tihnk my xbox is broken too. so with that all bing said [Mod Removed] you microsoft i'm not replacing this xbox you can suck my fat [Mod Removed] you rich [Mod Removed] peices of [ Mod.

Turn off the xbox and turn it back on. It starts up in Next, go to your system> storage>hard drive>profiles and choose the profile that you're having the slow startup with. Notice the profile size all the sudden 12MB. Half the size of the old one, cool, but ultimately, half the startup time when that profile is set up for auto signin. Which console is better at reliability, the Xbox Slim or the PS3 slim? Why does the Microsoft website say, "Xbox One is the best console for Xbox games"? Isn't the Xbox the best console for Xbox games? Does 2 Xbox wireless controllers work in one Xbox console? How long can Xbox Slim. Whats with the xbox freezing when you go to the dashboard, the loading icon always freezes and it seems like the system locks up for half a minute before the dashboard appears? Seriously, it is pathetic and it is getting on my nerves. It's all these stupid useless updates that are clogging the fing dashboard and.

I have a Slim Xbox , I got it about a year or two ago, it's always been really slow at starting up, it turns on and then if I'm connected to the internet, it takes forever to connect, I have an Open NAT and I thought it was at first my slow internet, but I've changed ISPs and since then even with the increased speed it takes a. I don't play my much, but when I do, it takes forever to start up/log in/ whatever. Like a good 2 minutes from the time I press the power button to get to the home screen. Why is it so slow? On a slim if that helps. Stalking the GameFaqs boards since ' Old , AM. CaptainKicker. CaptainKicker's Avatar. Join Date: Jul Location: Silkeborg, Denmark. Posts: Gamertag: Zefph. View My Profile. My Xbox Slim is VERY Slow.


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