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27 Dec Visual novels are finally cool. Choosing where to start can be intimidating, however. If you've missed the boat up until this point and want to catch up, we've put together a list of the best visual novels on PC, from the traditional Japanese games that kickstarted the genre to the more ambitious and unique. For those who are not familiar with reddit, it's a website where users submit Text Posts or Links and vote submissions "up" or "down" to organize the posts and determine their position on the site's pages. Outside of that, it works like a typical forum where different topics are separated by different topics called Subreddits. What visual novel has the best plot in your opinion and why? Feel free to posts spoilers to get your point across better as Don't ask for or link to illegal downloads, don't mention sites where illegal downloads are hosted, and don't encourage illegal downloading. Translation patches are allowed. Behavior.

Read the topic about Where to get visual novels on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create they plan to update in the future) two of the best resources to find out about translated games are these two sites. This is a list of the best visual novel games of all time for any console or system, including cover art pictures when available. Database Statistics. Visual Novels: ; Releases: ; Producers: ; Characters: ; Staff: ; VN Tags: ; Character Traits: ; Users: ; Threads: ; Posts:

If you like fanfictions and light novels, then NOWDO is a good choice! My friend recommend it to me and it's really good:) Many talented people post there works on this web, and many fictions have been translated to several languages for readers Here are a couple of pretty good sites I use: Baka-Tsuki. 2) Some people were actually requesting both a visual novel and a suggestion to a select few good ones; this site has quite a collection. 3) Not all are eroge; phantom of inferno for example is censored, both in "hotness" and real gun library. 4) Not Jack's fault, people; gog doesn't seem to either can or want. 20 Oct Just a simple list with links to some decent sites to download Visual novels. When looking for downloads and what not it's a good idea to use VNDB so that you can easily reference the visual novels original Japanese name this'll make finding what your looking for alot bloody easier. if I miss any good sites.


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