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Comedy · Largely improvised by the cast of BoyTown (), BoyTown Confidential purports to tell the real story of the Australian boy band depicted in the movie. Comedy · "Boytown" concerns a successful 80s boy band of the same name reforming their band in contemporary times in the hope that they can capture some of their former glory and that the fans will See full summary». The official BoyTown website features clips from a mockumentary BoyTown Confidential, hosted by Tony Martin as "Kenny Larkin", his character from the movie. The mockumentary was supposed to be included in its entirety on the DVD release of BoyTown, but was not included.

12 Apr [for those arriving late, BoyTown Confidential was the DVD extra filmed by Tony Martin that was left off the released edition of Mick Molloy's film BoyTown, resulting in a rift between the two long-time work partners. Legal action means it is extremely unlikely that it will ever be made available for public. I read about Molloy's split with Tony Martin over the non-inclusion of the Boytown Confidential documentary on the DVD and it intrigued me to see if the movie had as little mirth as the news of the argument's speculation led me to believe I was right. Mick left the documentary off the DVD because the movie wasn't funny and . 10 Jul Martin was hired by Molloy Boy Productions to make a mockumentary on the fictional boy band spoofed in BoyTown for the film's DVD release. BoyTown was released on DVD in February, minus the BoyTown Confidential. "It's massively disappointing for myself and all the actors who put a huge amount of.

3 Oct Has there ever been any follow-up regarding the legal proceedings launched by Tony? I watched BoyTown for the first time two weeks ago (it's actually not too bad if you've spent three years reading about how awful it is) and clocked the bit in the commentary where Mick implies Tony is putting something. 16 Jul Does anyone have any details about Boytown Confidential? Are we ever gonna get to see the frigging thing? Also does anyone know when 'The Last Supper' is coming out? It's a short film by Angus Sampson and it stars Tony Martin. Post reply. out of found this valuable. Do you find this valuable? Keyword.


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