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Counter strike urban terror

Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in off-topic, but since it is Urban Terror related, I think it should do fine here. Both of these game. Information ============== ut4_dust2 is a remake map of de_dust2 in Counter -Strike. de_dust2 is the most popular map in CS. It has facinating tactic. Urban Terror is a freeware multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by FrozenSand. Originally a total conversion of id Software's Quake III Arena, FrozenSand released Urban Terror as a free standalone game in utilizing ioquake3 as a game engine. While the game engine is licensed under the open.

It had three games inside this CD: Naruto: The Way of The Ninja ; - Urban Terror ; - Ghostbusters II. But some things called my attention: The magazine´s editor told of Urban Terror is the "definitive substitute" to Counter- Strike! No, you´ re not reading wrong! He wrote at the first page of: ".Urban Terror is the. 9 Aug Anyone ever gotten into Urban terror Quake 3 mod? its a pretty good mod compared to CS, alot less cheating and better graphics than the old shity hl. Sadly last year I heard that the oldest and most active French clan had stopped playing. Quake 3 made me like online games, but UrT made me understand how competitive and profound they can be, despite looking like a CS rip off to the untrained eye. I'm very curious about UrT HD and regularly watch.

[]-=UrT4 CTF East=-|GB/s Join, 24/28, , ut4_casa. 6. URBANTERROR · Nexunity BOMB 1 Party Join, 7/32, , ut4_pent_b4. 7. URBANTERROR! adminless^ - legacy Join, 9/28, , ut4_abbey. 8. URBANTERROR · Monkey's Playground TDM Join .


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