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Antalya, Turkey. This is part of the eleventh round of airports issued by Alpha India Group. AIG Ground creates high quality AFCADs for default and add on scenery airports. Airports are created drawing on the best available resources and aim to simulate the real world airport as closely as possible but also to ensure good. Jan 19, Ankara Esenboga LTAC, ?fileid= Ankara Esenboga LTAC , ?fileid= Antalya LTAI , ?fileid= Antalya LTAI , ilot .com. Antalya, Karain LTXE. FS version working in FSX. Oct 20, Antalya Airport s a rather modern and efficient airport For good reasons as it is the main airport for the Turkish Mediterranean holiday destinations and in high season the airport has to cope with huge amounts of passengers eager to get to the hotels or eager to get home With.

Gazipasa Airport LTFG in the South of TURKEY near 80 nm LTAI Antalya. This airport was made using Airport Design Editor. Main terminal added default building of ADE. This also places a few objects from the default FSX scenery library. Compiled using Airport Design Editor. Version LTFG V By Hakan DAGHAN. IVAO Turkey - International Virtual Aviation Organization. We provide LIVE ATC guidance as well as Airport information and Virtual Pilot Training for the Flightsimming world, via the Internet!. Jun 8, LTAI/AYT. ANTALYA, TURKEY. ANTALYA. Alt Set: hPa. Trans level: By ATC Trans alt: '. Apt DES. R. ANTALYA Approach(R). (G). | JEPPESEN SANDERSON, INC., , ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ANKARA LTAA FIR. NICOSIA LCCC FIR.

I have version of LTAI for FSX I get very poor framerates. I looked around the airport and noticed what looks like sand storms off the main taxiways. Type, Frequ. Ident, Loc/GS, Rwy, Name. LOC/ILS, , IATY, , 18C, ILS- cat-I. LOC/ILS, , IAYT, 6, 36C, ILS-cat-II. LOC/ILS, , IALY, 6, 36R, ILS-cat-I. GS/ILS, , IATY, /, 18C, GS. GS/ILS, , IAYT, / , 36C, GS. GS/ILS, , IALY, /, 36R, GS. DME/ILS, , IAYT, 36C . Nov 6, Continuing turkish theme: it's a little scenery of LTAI - Antalya airport, situated at the mediteranian coast of Turkey. Antalya is a favorite vacation place of european and russian tourists. This scenery is quite simple, but in any case much better than a default one Direct link: LTAI download. Some more.


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