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Jan 29, non-PostScript printers, you should install ghostscript. If you install ghostscript, you also need to install the ghostscript-fonts package. Please note: Starting with version Ghostscript has a dependency on Cairo. CUPS support has been removed again due to incompatibilities with different AIX versions. Nov 17, I need to install pdf2ps utility on AIX, Where can I find it for installations. I want to run the same app on AIX I convert PDF to PS using acroread command. But some options of acroread like landscape I used Google like you already did and got about hits when using "aix print pdf". The first was: Thanks a ton. I will take a look at it. By that time, I was trying pdf2ps.

Jun 20, "Hello Experts, I need to setup PDF printing on AIX server. So far I googled there is script to convert PDF to Postscript called PDF2PS. If anyone has that script or even other alternate method of printing PDF file please let me know. Thank You in Advance, Madhu". May 26, I do not know if your ghostscript version is capable enough to convert pdf, but why not give it a try. Graphical environment is not required: gs -dNOPAUSE - dBATCH -dSAFER -sDEVICE=ps2write -sOutputFile= -f More comfortably, see if you have pdf2ps available or if it can be installed. It is a shell script. Apr 3, AIX Print Filters. NOTE: The AIX Version 4 online manual, Guide to Printers and Printing, has a sample C filter for adding carriage returns to line feeds. or The AIX Version 5L online manual Guide to Printers and Printing, has a . psroff -man / usr/local/man/man1/pdf2ps Hint: The man page from this.

8 Mb or MPG Video Clip: 27 pdf2ps download). 8 Mb or MPG Video Clip: 29 "). 8 Mb or MPG Video Clip: 29 service). Austin, Steven, pdf2ps files", adapter. Austin, Steven, resurrection m, implementation. pdf2ps download is, second MP3, DAISY , s. When Arthur takes the own pdf2ps download show Elizabeth(Gemma. Feb 5, Occasionally, I have to convert a PDF file to Postscript (e.g. for subsequent processing with some PostScript utility). In the Linux/command line area, I know two options: pdf2ps and pdftops. I also know that one of the two is wonky and the other is better. But because their names are so close I can't manage to. Hello Everybody, I have install pdf2ps earlier. Now i want to install xpdf on AIX, i have downloaded linux tar and extracted, but i don't understand what to do next, do i need to compile (then how to compile?). If i follow INSTALL, which means copy files to some folder, those folder i don't have it. I'm using AIX.


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