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UFOs (released as Gnap in Europe) is a fun point-and-click cartoon adventure in the same vein as Toonstruck, except a lot shorter and not as clever. Gordon Aplin's review at Quandary says it all: "Gnap is a one-eyed, purple sausage-like alien who crash lands in a pigpen somewhere in the Ozarks. In need of parts to repair. 19 Jul The developers describe it as a "Wacky Hillbilly Space Adventure Game". You'll play the part of the alien "Gnap", who gets stranded on earth, his spaceship wrecked. There must be a way out of even that situation, no doubt. Your job is to find all necessary parts to repair the shi. 13 Aug Gnap. Engine developer, johndoe, strangerke. Companies that used it, Artech Digital Entertainment. Games that use it, UFOs. Date added to ScummVM, May 24, First release containing it,

# - 05/08/04 PM U.F.O.s (aka Gnap). Magicscroll Offline Settled Boomer Registered: 02/21/ Posts: Loc: South Korea. Developer: H+A Publisher: H+A Release Date: Fall System Requirements: Windows 95 ; Pentium processor, 16 MB RAM, 1 MB disc space, 2x CD ROM (4x recommended); x. Gnap - Der Schurke aus den All (a.k.a. U.F.O.s) Release date: Developer: Artech Studios Publisher Germany: Ari Data Publisher North America: Hoffmann & Associates. Game language: Englisch, manual German. Boxshots. USK: 12 years and up. A review by André 19th March Ari Games hadn't really made a. Farm. Take some mud from your spaceship, then try talking to the pigs. Head east and try to open the truck's door, but it is locked for now. Continue east and talk to the platypus, then free him from the trap and it will follow you around. Click on the platypus again, then pick up the patch of grass from the muddy bank.

18 Sep Ufos aka GNAP () When a unique game is hold ransom by a broken interface When a unique game is hold ransom by a broken interface the main reason why people forgot about it, where those broken Location Hotspots its name that makes it Obscure to find and logic.


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