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Always remove the needle after an injection and store the ClikStar without a needle. This helps to prevent contamination, air bubbles and insulin leakage. 2. 3Keep the injection button depressed for a count of 10, then pull the needle out. 10 sec. Put on the outer needle cap and unscrew the needle. Dispose of the needle. 5 Jan Reviews (2). 14/12/ Name: Jim Location: Title: Review: I have used the ClikSTAR pen for about 6 months and admit it has never failed on me. However sometimes it is difficult to push the plunger down and on other occasions I find the plunger will not click when pressed, and not deliver any insulin. 4 years. If you have any questions about ClikSTAR or about diabetes, ask your health professional, or call sanofi-aventis at Information about storing and maintenance of ClikSTAR. • If your new unopened insulin cartridge is in cool storage (for example refrigerator), take it out 1 to 2 hours before you inject.

16 Aug I find that surprising as the Clickstar works really well for me. But you do have other options. You could use the old Autopen. You can also use Lantus cartridges in a Humalog pen. You can even use Lantus cartridges in a Novopen, which IMO are the best pens. But you have to pop the plastic thread. 7 Apr Prime the pen before every injection. ➢ Check that the dose is set at 0 then turn dose selector clockwise to 2. ➢ Hold pen with needle pointing upwards. Tap cartridge holder so that air bubbles float to the top of the cartridge. ➢ Push in injection button – dose indicator window should read 0. If a stream of. Bev18 Type 2 · Well-Known Member. Messages: Likes Received: Trophy Points: My pens just broke not delivering any insulin the plunger in the top doesn't appear to be plunging so no insulin is coming out. Have rang the out of hours doctors as not quite sure what to do. Waiting for them to.

Do a safety test. • Set a dose of 2 units. • Take off both needle caps. • Hold the pen with needle pointing up and press the button all the way in. • Check that insulin comes out. If it does not, repeat the test. 2. 3. Select your dose. • Check that the dose window shows “0”. • Select your required dose (maximum of. 80 units per. ClickStar was a broadband movie distribution company founded by actor Morgan Freeman and film producer Lori McCreary of Revelations Entertainment. ClickStar launched on December 15, under the leadership of interim CEO James J. Ackerman and Chairman/Co-Founder Lori McCreary. The company is no. MOTOSTAR Remotes > MOTOSTAR Clickstar 2, 4. MOTOSTAR Clickstar 2, 4. JANE F MHZ - CLONE / COPYING remote. Replaces old and obsolete remote models. JANE F Remote Clones MOTOSTAR Clickstar 2, 4 MHZ Compatibility tested using the latest equipment. Checks frequency, code type.


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