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COBOL sp2, The % COBOL Solution for Graphical User Interface Development A Brief Summary of COBOL sp2 COBOL sp2 is a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Powerful and Reliable COBOL Compiler Independent Programming Tools and Automated Migration Services Thank you for visiting the Flexus COBOL Tools Web. PLEASE NOTE: Also download the COBOL sp2 Evaluation version to create the web browser user interface screens. You should download the 32 bit version of Web Client/X ONLY if your COBOL compiler is a 32 bit compiler. Contact Flexus if you wish to compile your source code in a 64 bit depth level. Web Client/X for All .

5 Feb Multi platform GUI creator for COBOL, originally a traditional screen painter that output COBOL code for text mode interfaces but in became a bona fide GUI creator, by the mid 90's versions of the tool supported DOS, OS/2 32 bit and MS Windows alongside various DEC VMS and UNIX platforms in. COBOL sp2 provides a panel editor for designing and developing your interface. Development is done in a graphical mode, specifically, in Microsoft Windows. However, it is possible that you might deploy your interface in an alternative environment. These alternative environments can range all the way from a character. Additionally, sp2 generates a skeleton COBOL program for you to use with your application. For the demonstration in this hour, you create a GUI interface for the Chapt15d program in Listing The program covers dynamic access to an Indexed file. The first step is to install the COBOL sp2 evaluation version onto your.

I use COBOL '60', never having had the interest in using the new-fangled features which have been added over the years, e.g., EVALUATE. When it was necessary for me to move my MS-DOS vertical market applications to Windows, I chose SP2 which is, well, marvelous. My minimalist environment embraces only MF. 3 Jul With Web Client/X Flexus has just released a completely redeveloped web realization product. Web Client/X enables the almost % automated implementation of web browser versions of COBOL SP2 based applications. In addition, a far easier path to this technology is provided for those applications. COBOL sp2. TELEBIG Group - System Migration & Legacy Modernization. COBOLsp2 is a development tool dedicated to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) . It allows to add graphical features to native COBOL applications, working with all current modern compilers such as: Acucobol, Fujitsu COBOL, COBOL.


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