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patch /var/www/mysite/sites/all/modules/contrib/features/ patch. and then be done with it. Is anything like this possible? I don't see any command line options for patch that seem to handle such a thing. Perhaps drush could rescue us here? thanks for any help! - Dan. 25 Nov This project seeks to solve the following problems: How do I document what patches I've applied to a project? How do I reliably know what patches are applied or not without manually checking every single one? How can I be reminded that I need to reapply a patch after downloading a module update?. This is a set of Drush commands to help you manage patches on your local Drupal installation. Most developers (should) know about Drush Make files as a way to store data about a site, installation profile, etc. When using Drush Make files, typically you add information about the patches applied to a project in the following.

2 Aug You find an issue on and if you are lucky, there is a viable patch. Hopefully this patch will one day make it into a release, but this won't slow you down. You apply the patch, it fixes the bug and all is well with the world for now . Drush has moved to GitHub, so you will need to look for releases there now. The Drush project on GitHub is Ass chrisjlee said, you won't need to apply the patch you mention above to Drush, as that issue has already been fixed in If you'd like help applying patches. The instructions on how to apply a patch are given, for that module, on http:// First off, git patches can be applied to a git repository you need to locally clone, which means you need to execute the following command: git clone --recursive --branch master project/

26 May The offset of this approach is that it can become cumbersome to maintain and re- apply patches as the upstream software continues to fix bugs, implement features and fix security vulnerabilities. With Drupal, patches can be better managed with an automated tool called Drush Make. This tool allows you to. Fork of for use with RA-Up -- [ Created by mariagwyn aka [email protected] via github. ]. 24 May I'm not touching the "always use Drush Make" or "Composer is how the cool kids do it nowadays" workflows, this is purely about spending less time mucking around with patch files to test what could be a single line change to one of the simplest, or most complex, pieces of code you've ever seen.


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