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Fallout 3 enclave radio soundtrack

Enclave Radio is a radio station run by the Enclave and broadcast from the Raven Rock mountain complex. It is hosted by President John Henry Eden and airs patriotic music, as well as President Eden's "frank discussions" and "chats" as well as "inspirational quotes". The Enclave has dispatched a number of eyebots to. Recent Wiki Activity. Fallout 4 weapons · Level3Rogue • 34 minutes ago. Fallout 3 cultural references · Great Mara • 54 minutes ago. Eastern Commonwealth · Jspoelstra • 2 hours ago. Philadelphia · Jspoelstra • 2 hours ago. Help us grow Fallout Wiki! Get Started. Composer Inon Zur was brought in to create the score for Fallout "because I could give them the ambience [sic] and the weird decadence plus an almost low- fi sound, but also bring up some more dramatic, orchestral elements with it when needed." The entire composition process took six months.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic is a patriotic song that is played on Enclave Radio in Fallout 3 and in the Museum of Freedom, as well as the various Pulowski Preservation shelters in Fallout 4. It is also played after the speech made by the Sole Survivor on the recruitment radio beacons. The. Fallout soundtrack · Fallout 2 soundtrack · Fallout 3 soundtrack · Fallout: New Vegas soundtrack · Fallout Tactics soundtrack · Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel soundtrack · Radio stations: Galaxy News Radio, a radio station run by Three Dog from the D.C. ruins in Fallout 3. Enclave Radio, a propaganda station hosted by John. 18 Nov Fallout 3: Original Game Soundtrack; Fallout 3 Soundtrack. 2 Radio soundtracks. Galaxy News Radio; Enclave Radio; Agatha's Station; Vault PA system. 3 Ambient music. Base; Battle; Dungeon; Endgame; Explore; Public; Special. 4 Behind the scenes.


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