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How to limewire songs to itunes download

How to limewire songs to itunes

I'm trying to put downloaded songs from Limewire on my iPod nano (yes, a classic one) and iTunes won't let me. Just two days ago, I downloaded songs before a workout no problem. Maybe this new iTunes is not allowing Limewire's so called "pirated" music onto it but if this is true, go to these websites. First, downloading songs from Limewire is illegal, and you shouldn't do it. Secondly, to learn how to add Music to your iTunes Library, read this: http://docs. ?artnum= The Limewire folder is often in C:\ Documents and Setings\(Your Username)\Shared. Don't be a criminal. I understand how to import songs from cd's onto the iPod, but I have a question. Can I put the songs I downloaded from LimeWire onto my iPod?? I have a lot of songs, and I was really hoping I could. The songs are mp3's, but when I look at the details of the songs in iTunes, it says it's an MPEG. HELP?!.

LimeWire is a well known file-sharing program. But some of users still don't know how to automatically add songs to itunes from limewire. With LimeWire, you can share electronic files such as music and movies quickly and easily. However, Apple's iTunes program is one of the most popular media players among LimeWire. This tutorial will show you how to convert M4P to WMA/MP3 so as to put iTunes M4P music onto Limewire, Napster, Rhapsody. 5 Aug In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to download music from Limewire to iTunes to be able to sync it into their iPod device. This task is very easy, fast and simple to do. Begin by opening the Limewire and iTunes program. Then download the desired song(s). Now go to the Limewire library by clicking on.

I'd like to have the songs I download from LimeWire save into and become part of my iTunes library. Is this possible? I have an HP running Vista.


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