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In on this forum, D. Gimeno wrote the following helpful post about changing the default directory for Apple Mail. Would this still be valid in Lion? I want to keep OS and programs on 1 partition of my MiniMac's hard drive, and all content ( including mail, contacts, calendars, and documents) on another. 28 Nov Apple OS X Mail keeps your email files folders that you can find and open in Finder. You may never need to open those files, but it is good to know where Mac OS X Mail stores your emails in case you want to copy your mailboxes to a different computer or back them up. Question: I have followed all the instructions on how to archive and save Mac Mail folders/emails and have saved one folder to my USB to test it out. When I plug the USB drive into the PC and run the software, it says it can't find any files ending even though I can see folders ending with that suffix. Can you.

11 Apr I'm trying to sort out my ~/Library/Mail folder. I access some emails outside of the Mail client, so I need to know where emails wind up, and it seems to have changed a bit with gmail in particular. First, does Mail now store all the actual gmail messages in ~/Library/Mail/V2/[email protected][Gmail].mbox/All Mail. mbox?. Here's how to change the default sent mailbox for Apple Mail on OS X versions and earlier: Select the "Sent" folder on the server (in the folders pane on the left) by clicking on it once. It should *not* be at the top of the page next to Inbox/Drafts/Junk/etc, nor should it be under "Local Folders" or "On My Mac". It will be. 18 Jan PROBLEM Messages sent via Apple Mail are saved in "Sent Messages" folder rather than the "Sent" folder. ENVIRONMENT To change the default sent mailbox for Apple Mail first select the "Sent" folder on the server (in the folders pane on the left). Then chose Mailbox from the menu > Use this Mailbox.

6 May Other default mail client options in Mac OS X. Choosing the “Select” option will bring up a Finder Open window viewer to locate applications stored elsewhere in Mac OS X, whether it's the Applications folder or somewhere else. If you're going to download a third party email client like ThunderBird. When you save file attachments, they can either be saved into a folder of your choice (this is when an inline Finder dialog appears, and lets you navigate through folders on Mac OS X), or you can save the attachment straight to the default download folder - unless you or someone else has changed it in Apple Mail, it is set by. 6 May You'll likely find hundreds of folders (my husband's Mac had of them) with alphanumeric names, each holding a downloaded attachment. That seemingly inefficient Let's say, for example, that you double-click an attachment that by default opens in a Microsoft or Adobe app. That attachment is then.


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