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people who wants to know what my Root utility does, here's in sequence what will happen: Step 1) backup to /mev/dump on sdcard of partition 2 (boot/ kernel), partition 7 (logo) and u-boot environment (MTD1, MTD2) Step 2) replacement of partition 2 on device. The differences between the original boot. You can find all the info in this thread php?t= Basically you format a sd card to a FAT partition, you extract the dump utility to the root of the sd card and you reboot the tablet with the sd card in it. Once you start it again it will load the utility instead of the normal. SRSRoot is the preferred rooting utility for Memo Pads and many other Android devices because the device still retains its OS version after the rooting process. You can also choose to unroot the tablet later if you are not pleased with any of its newfound qualities. Your Memo Pad will sport a significantly faster CPU .

Mev Root Util by f-que. Select mode to continue Please read included !!! [] "Root mev" [*] "Shutdown" [] "Unroot mev" "Press [power button] to Confirm or [Volume up or down] to Select". Select the item "root mev " (or "unroot mev" to restore the original state), activate it with. -Asus Memo Pad MEv - Dump Util -SD Card with atleast 4GB of size -PC - Let's Start Step 1 - Download and Extract the Dump Util --> Download Here root of your SD Card (see the SS below) Step 2 - Place the your SD Card to your tablet and then reboot (Turn off the tablet and turn it. 21 fev. Before doing a factory reset open the tablet and disconnect the battery for a few minutes and while the batteries disconnected hold the power button down to remove any static discharge in the memory. If theres no joy after that then do the reset but remember you will lose all your data and apps. th - Asus.

Application and Application Framework Application layer root exploits: exploits targeting system applications or services, mostly include vulnerable logics introduced by setuid utilities, system applications, or services. example is a vulnerable setuid utility that is only present on XoomFE devices that has a command injection. 1.A MEV tablet charged at least to 50% 2.A USB cable for transferring files. 3. A minimum 4GB microSD card formated to FAT32 (If it's formated to NTFS you'll have to reformat it) 4.A microSD computer adapter (optional) 1. ROOT Ok so first you are gonna need to root this tablet. For that we will use frank_que's root utility .


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