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Oracle 9i windows 7

i am trying to install 9i on Windows 7 home basic can you guide me more. You can not use win7 home edition for any Oracle db product,its not certified. Also 9i is now unsupported version. If you want to make oracle db installation use certified platform(win 7,xp linux etc) and use lastest version(if you dont. 6 Aug I want to install Oracle 9i on Windows 7, but compatibility issues. Right now I am using Oracle 10G and in 10G we cannot copy code from anywhere else. I am supposed to take print outs of the queries but 10G opens in command prompt like mode. In my college also they use 9i. I don't want that I do. I was trying to install oracle9i on my pc it was showing an error in between so it is not installed correctly. Now I'm trying to uninstall it but I'm unable to do so. What steps should I take" Is it okay to install Oracle 9i on Windows 7?.

oracle 9i can not install in windows 7, please give me solution. is this oracle 9i compatible with windows 7?. Your best source of this information will be Oracle. Note that Oracle 9i is an old product. You can ask in the Oracle forums, here: ;jsessionid=8df30dfb52efafde9a0a08ccc e3mSaNmQc3j0ax4NchmOaxiTaO0?categoryID= This thead. 11 May i installed oracle 9i in windows 7 os,and i open sql plus and login as scott and tiger it gives authentication fail message,pls help me,same i installed in win xp it works fine,one of my frnd says oracle 9i doesnot works on win7,he formatted win 7 and installed win XP Software/Hardware used: windows 7 and.

20 Jun It has been awhile since I tried this so I'm probably not remembering correctly when I suggest this, but I'm going to try. You do have to use the compatibility mode of course. I had it running successfully on Vista, so I selected that option. Anyway, I think (remember I may not be remembering correctly) there is. 15 Nov how to and install oracle 9i in windows 7 step by step. what do you meant with "Yes, you can": are you talking about intalling 9i in XP mode or on native Windows 7? In later case I would be happy to see some proof, please? Some How-to, blog article, anything! Something is certain: you HAVE TO take precautions if you wish to install 9i on native Windows 7.


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