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Hide and seek server. Join all! - Call of Duty 2 Servers. Posted 2nd of February 3 Sep Hey guys. Today after a war, Sonicia and I had nothing better to do and decided to play hide and see. You think it's stupid? You may are right. Anyway, i got this demo. Feel free to download and watch it. guys who are not keen on cod2. In order to watch the demo, after downloading it, remove it. =|h4x|=eXtreme #1 Server Clan>Mod eXtreme+ v Join, 23/32, , mp_toujane. 7. COD2 · DAJKA I EKIPA//CoD2 Server Join, 27/40 , , mp_el_mechili. 8. COD2 · /SPARTA/ TDM TOUJANE | Join, 18/42, , mp_toujane. 9.

26 jan Hi, I was wondering if any of the hide and seek mod (cod2) in the download section, the server-part. I've downloaded the mod so but it does no. 10 Jul We offer: general, mapping, releases, posts, cod2, links, latest, call, duty. Hello to everyone!:) Has anyone hide and seek mode to send?.

1 Feb Hey, I have a Hide and Seek Mod CoD2. I only have 3 problems. 1) The hidden can only be killed with grenades, but I would have like that you can shoot the models. Run 2) In the beginning of the round I would have liked to have the seeker 2min one black screen so that the Hider can hide when the 2. Like most PS3 users- I'm not too impressed or close to happy with the quality and game-play connectivity problems that have plagued the PS3 thus.


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