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Devarattam music download

Devarattam music

Free Mp3 Song Download - Devarattam Music Audio Mp3 Download. There are about 32 steps in Devarattam and every step is known as an adavu. At the start of the dance, all performers worship the musical instruments and then the musical performer begin to perform. This ritual is followed at the end of the performance too. This dance performance celebrates all life cycle ceremonies. It blends dance, theatre, music, satire, facial painting, body painting, masking, martial art and ritualistic function. It has a great resemblance to the tradition and customs of the ancient civilization "Thirayattam". This divine ritualistic art form enacted in courtyards of "kaavukal" (sacred groves) and village shrines of south.

25 Jan The new generation Devarattam dance does not have elaborate songs though music still continues to play a major part in the show. 'Urmi' which is a drum-like double-headed percussion instrument is one of the main sources of music used in Devarattam. The dance which is truly believed as a 'rendition to. 1 day ago For Kambala Nayakar, Devarattam is the language of faith. 26 Jun In the heavenly abode while wedding ceremony of Lord Siva with Goddess Parvathi was performed. His troops or parivar called Devas performed a dance for the tune of special musical instrument called “Devdundubi”. As the dance was performed by the Devas it is called “ Devarattam”. In this connection.


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