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15 Apr It took them over a week to send me a notification that they received Xenoverse when I returned it. Mortal Kombat X shipped Monday night and isn't here yet. This is understandable, as it's only been two days. But the last two games I rented ( Yakuza, Xenoverse) took over a week to get here. I'm fearing the. My max speed is only Mb/s, and I get that on speed tests, but Gamefly is only giving me about Kb/s. There are numerous posts there from people with the same issue, numerous posts around the web with the same issue, so I know it's not my end. I tried re-installing their client, installing it in different. 15 Jan From March of , I have been using GameFly to rent videos games. In this post, I will provide you with an unbiased GameFly review to help you determine if their video gaming rental service is something that you are interested in. After using the service for over four years, I will try to include everything I.

I tried it about years back and I recall it'd take like days for games to arrive and even longer for them to receive/check my game back. 13 Dec An example I use is Uncharted 3. It was released on Tuesday November 1st. Gamefly shipped it Monday, October 31st, and I received it Wednesday, November 2nd. I have no problem waiting an extra day to play a new release. The shipping might slow down next year when the United States Postal Service. In my opinion, GameFly is only worth it if you live relatively close to a shipping center. I had it for 3 months once, then a year later 2 months. Both times it took me at 5 days to get a new game after I put the return in the mailbox. With shipping that slow, it wasn't worth it to me. They could also work on their library. If they really.

Then it took them over a week to send me the discs (probably so that my 2 week free trial is over so I had to pay for the month) and so I reported it missing because it took so long. They ended up sending me another set and I kept the 1st set because why the hell not. I canceled my 1 month sub anyway due to how slow they. Posted: Thu Jan 31, pm. Now if we could get a center in the Mid West, I 'd be a happy camper. My delivery times are ridiculously slow. I'd say 4 days is my minimum delivery time and that's after they receive my returned game or acknowledge that it's in the mail, which adds a few more days. So go ahead, Gamefly, since you sneakily took from my bank for months after the report was filed, I paid for those 2 games already, and I have no problem disputing any BS you put on my credit report. Other than that nonsense, delivery is very slow. I never thought it was worth it but I originally believed it was the best way for.


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