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Gnx3000 supermodels

This just isn't fitting the bill for me, want more of a quiet practice *amp* I guess. My loss, your gain. Digitech GNX Comes with the editor/softwa. NEW SUPER SERIES for the GNX Designed similarly to the full version ULTIMATE SERIES GNX4 but even more affordable. USERS requested a similar format for less costs and we have delivered. More than that we also included educational VIDEO TUTORIALS to really tame the question and doubt bug!! Additional. Jan 2, This just isn't fitting the bill for me, want more of a quiet practice amp I guess. Digitech GNX Comes with the editor/software CD, power cord.

May 11, I heard about MFX Supermodels while reading a review. I'm wondering what these are and if they're worthwhile? Might be a good addition to my gnx I have a GNX and the Supermodels. Simply put, it is nothing that I couldn't obtain with a ridiculous amount of tweaking. Even because that is what the Supermodels are: a ridiculous amount of tweaking. That doesn't mean they sound bad, or that they are not worth it. It is exactly the opposite, for two. Does anyone have the MFX Supermodels for the GNX? Would you be able to upload them for me? Many thanks!.

I moved from a GNX4 to a GNX a while back so I bought those too. No updates for the I still get the updates for the 4 though. Even though I sold it. In hindsight I'd get the gnx4 before the if I bought another. Now I'm on to the GSP and wishing he made supermodels for those! Go to the. Jul 29, Was I going to have to upgrade to the recently released GNX to get the amp/ cabinet sounds that I was looking for? Or maybe the GT8? I began to search for reviews on both products (as well as other multi-effects systems). That's when I began to find references to the MFX SUPERMODELS. Hands. Models for bass are fabulous. The preamp, DBX done a good job for the voice and the taking of acoustic instruments. The routing allows to assign the effects to the input line: with a synth, it opens up new sonic territory. There is a community accessible through the Digitech site that makes available hundreds of presets.


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