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an analogue multimeter. briefly describe the operating principle of a 'clamp- on' meter, and how it is used. measurement, and instruments that can measure those values with great accuracy and precision. In this chapter, though, we'll first consider how analogue instruments work and how they measure current. the battery is in good condition, check the resistance in the starter circuit. Fig 6 - Measuring Starter Current Draw. Determine how much current the starter is drawing by using Fluke's 80i, 80i, or. 90is Inductive Current Clamp on the starter cable. This accessory will allow the multimeter to measure starter current. Tong tester or clamp meter basically works on the principle of mutual inductance. The same principle on which a transformer works. The clip or clamp or moving part of meter has a magnet in it which act as a magnetic core as in transformer. Over which there is a coil wounded, which acts as a secondary coil. The conductor.

avoid false readings that can lead to shock and injury. •. Turn off power to the circuit under test before cutting, unsoldering, or breaking the circuit. Small amounts of current can be dangerous. •. Do not apply more than V rms between a terminal and earth ground. •. Use caution when working above 60 V dc or 30 V ac rms. The Columbia Clamp-On Type D Tong Tester will measure amperage draw on plating racks, plating barrel horns and 4” buss bars. The ability to check current flow in specific locations can help identify buss bar corrosion sites, solve plating contact problems and locate stray current sources. Nine interchangeable Plug-In. Switch ON Clamp meter (Tong tester). Only a higher scale-value should be selected in order to avoid any harm to the circuit. Slowly decrease the scale reading selector if current is less. Clip ON ammeter around each cable in turn and measure current.

The Columbia AC/DC Clamp-On Tong. Test Ammeters (now manufactured by. Weschler Instruments) measure AC or DC current instantly and accurately simply by encircling the conductor with the jaws and closing them. A clear accurate reading instantly registers on the scale. Readings are taken without breaking the circuit. manual or the protection provided by the. Meter might be impaired. •. Avoid working alone so assistance can be rendered. •. Never measure ac current while the test leads are inserted into the input jacks. •. Do not use the Meter in wet or dirty environments. •. Do not use the Meter if it appears damaged. Inspect the Meter. secondary current is 1/ the current flowing in the primary, or in this case the conductor being measured. Thus, 1 amp of current in the conductor being measured. Choose a clamp meter rated to meet the electrical environment you'll be working in, as well as the resolution and accuracy of measurement you'll need for.


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