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If you have an on-premises Websense web protection solution, and your organization uses Microsoft Windows Active Directory, you can use Websense DC Agent to identify users transparently. The agent periodically queries domain controllers for logon session information, and can be configured to poll client machines to. In order to perform domain discovery (automatic domain and domain controller detection) and computer polling (to verify the logged-on user), DC Agent must run with domain admin or enterprise admin permissions. If you do not plan to use either of these features, DC Agent can run as any network user with read privileges. DC Agent detects domain controllers: At startup, and (by default) every 24 hours thereafter, DC Agent identifies available domains and domain controllers in the network and saves the information to its file.

This collection includes the following articles to help you troubleshoot DC Agent installation and user identification issues. Click a link below to jump to the topic, or use the arrows at the top of the content pane to browse the troubleshooting articles in the collection. DC Agent is a Websense transparent identification agent used in networks that authenticate users with a Windows directory service. It mainly does the following: *. Offers transparent user identification for users in a Windows-based directory service. *. Polls domain controllers in the network to transparently identify users. * . Problems installing DC Agent. Topic | DC Agent Troubleshooting | Web Security Solutions | vx, x | Mar Installation account permissions issue. Error messages can appear when you attempt to install DC Agent using an account that does not have domain and local administrator privileges. As a result .

Make sure the Windows Computer Browser service is running on the server. (The installer attempts to enable the service if it is not running.) *. Run the installer with an account that has both local and domain administrator privileges. 2. Use the Web Security manager to configure Websense software to communicate with DC . ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED, which indicates a permissions issue. Although they do not make any changes to the domain, both Websense DC Agent and Websense User Service must run with domain administrator privileges. If you suspect a permissions issue, you can enable directory service auditing to find out what user. Configuring DC Agent settings. Using DC Agent | Web Security Solutions | v, Use the Web Security manager Settings > General > User Identification page to review and edit DC Agent configuration information. To edit DC Agent settings: .


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