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Newsleecher not ing par2

v7 beta 7 - File not saved if last article could is missing. by wvd_vegt» Fri Jul 24, pm. Hi This bug is 7B7 Can not R&E without first PAR2. by doppler» Mon Jul 13, pm. The first Par2 . Beta 7 - Pause for x minutes not working. by SKArcade» Sun Apr 19, am. This was. Tue Mar 27, pm. SSL is slower than non-SSL. by cplusd» Thu Jun 02 , NZB files open newsleecher but no articles add to queue. by Questi» Sun Jan 28, am . Automatic detection of renamed filesets not working (v Final). by Cruzy» Thu Oct 19, am. NL50 RnE: Cannot extract to a path > chars. by thany» Fri May 10, 52 pm. User avatar . par2 files not getting special handling in final. by Jed» Sun Jun 12, am. I just upgraded to from . N7B10 Pause timer not working. by crocolord» Sun Jan 17, am. The pause.

NewsLeecher has disconnected, because a temporary file could not be created. by Uzername» Thu Nov 17, Can not download article headers over 30 days old. by vwhizbang» Sun Nov 20, New to Newsleecher - 3 months fine, now its not working. by Fermungus» Wed Nov 23, SuperLeech does not appear to be working after b8 install. by noblemd» Thu Nov 12, pm SuperLeech lack of results - STILL NOT WORKING PROPERLY. by noblemd» Sat Jun 27, am . SuperLeech failing to 2 files [b1]. by TheSiege» Tue Oct 28, am. Just purchased no email/key sent. by homerboy» Sun Jan 02, pm. User avatar. I just paid for NL online and I have not recevied any scanned is not clear to me :shock: 5 Replies: Views: Last post by Lips Sun Jan 02, pm. Constantly downloading corrupt/imcomplete RAR and PAR2 Files.

Tue Jan 30, pm. INITIALIZING not been able to use newsleecher for 5 days now. by bomberjohnny» Wed Jan 17, . License Key stops working after upgrade to Final. by tingram» Sat Jan 27, pm. Just upgraded to . downloading par2's first? by hondaman» Tue Jan 23, pm. Ever since. New User - posts not in NL but are in Agent. by maggie-d-cat» Fri Oct 12, 6: 18 pm. I have been using Normal Supersearch Working - Erotica Not Working! by jayzzz» Mon Sep 10, am. Before the separate . NL refuses to download PAR2 files? by cyr0n_k0r» Thu Oct 04, am. no matter what I . Fixed a couple of taskbar related bugs that prevented NewsLeecher from working under Windows XP: ?t= ?p=!: Fixed bug where eventual group nicknames were not used to replace the tag in dest. folder entry.


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